China Jilin Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd. is one of the first batch of national 57 large-sized pilot enterprise groups established with the approval of three ministries and departments of the State in 1994, one of the four largest industry groups in China and one of Jilin provincial ten largest enterprise groups.

¡¡China Jilin Forest Indusry Group Co., Ltd. now has 40 subsidiaries (branches), wherein: 12 wholly-owned subsidiaries. The total amount of assets is up to RMB 10 billion. There are 56,000 incumbent employees and 36,000 retired employees.

¡¡China Jilin Forest Industry Group is an enterprise group with the business operation of forest resources as the basic industry and an important merchantable timber production base. The processing area is located in Changbai Mountain District, Jilin Province. It has 8 forest industry enterprise bureaus with total operating area of 1,348,000 hectare, wherein, the forest land area is 1,220,000 hectare, the total accumulation of standing forest stock is 172,000,000 cubic meters, the forest cover is 90.6% and the high forest hectare accumulation is 141.58 cubic meters which is among the top of four largest forest industry groups in China. It owns 8 national forest parks, within the parks, there are more than 4,000 kinds of wild animals and plants and over 10 categories of minerals such as molybdenum, gold, copper and iron, the water resource and tourism resource enjoy exceptional advantages.

¡¡ Through years of construction and development, China Jilin Forest Industry Group has preliminarily formed six large industrial systems including forest resource operation, wood profound processing, forest minerals, water & electricity, forest food & medicines, forest biological tourism and modern services. It owns four main leading products including raw wood, artificial board, floor and mineral water, wherein, the annual production capacity of artificial board, floor and mineral water can reach 600,000 cubic meters, 10 million square meters and 500,000 tons respectively. ¡°DEW RIVER¡± branded shaving board, ¡°Golden Bridge¡± branded solid wood composite floor and ¡°Quanyang Spring¡± branded mineral water are awarded the honors of ¡°China Famous Brand¡± and ¡°China Well-known Trademark¡±. It also owns listed companies, financial companies and investment guarantee companies. It is one of the two large-sized enterprise groups possessing both listed companies and financial companies.

¡¡In the future development, China Jilin Forest Industry Group will thoroughly carry out scientific outlook on development, insist on the operating guidelines of ecological priority, industrial optimization and good products, continue to implement the development strategy of ¡°three six nine eight¡±, focus on accelerating the change of economic development pattern and lay emphasis on the optimization of industrial structure with reformation and innovation as the motive power, protecting the optimum forest resource as the fundamental, diversified development as the approach, making the enterprise prosperous and the people rich as the objective, the domestic and international market as the space, in order to facilitate the good and rapid development of the group economy and make efforts to construct a comprehensive international forest industry group with optimized structure, scientific management and remarkable benefits.

¡¡ China Jilin Forest Industry Group has tremendous exploitation potential and development space. Welcome friends at home and abroad to visit and investigate. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation and properous future.


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